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Jan 18, 2010 11:00pm EST
are pouring in to haiti from the united states. a local doctor born in haiti is heading back to help perform surgery's. our reporter spoke with them tonight. she joins us live in the studio with the story. >> the doctor is an anesthesiologist at the medical center at st. joseph's. with the support of his association and using his own vacation time, he is making the trek back to help his homeland. this doctor was born in haiti but moved to the united states with his family a year later. he has other family members living there. when he heard the news of the earthquake, he tried to contact them immediately. >> we were finally able to hear from them, and they are all safe. it affects me a little bit more than that. >> he got together with a friend, and they put together a team of medical professionals who are taking their own vacation time to travel to haiti to help. packed up boxes of medical supplies to take with them. >> we want to bring our operating room to haiti. almost a week after the event, most of the crus injuries and the orthopedic trauma that has existed, we may be doing imputation
Jan 16, 2010 11:00pm EST
hillary clinton traveled to the region today, personally delivering usa. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> but as the food, water, and medical supplies make their way to those who need them most, it has become clear the massive relief effort still does not even come close to matching the need here. >> at the white house today, three united states presidents promised help for haiti. president obama announced that president george w. bush and bill clinton have agreed to throw their weight behind a massive fund raising effort. brian moore has that story from washington. >> president obama and listed his two predecessors for a massive fund raising effort. >> these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread deva
Jan 27, 2010 11:00pm EST
. >> stanley was one of a few children that was allowed to come to the united states from haiti. to have them home and safe with them is a dream come true. >> i cannot put into words how happy we are. >> today is a fun day. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> if you want to learn more about the orphanage, go to our web site and click on news leaks. >> we started the week with spring type temperatures. 44 degrees at the airport. the normal low is 24. we have pulled out of the coldest part of the year. the normal numbers will start moving up a little bit. around freezing near the beltway. it is colder out west. we are getting close to freezing. the cloud cover will keep the temperatures from bottoming out. there may be some scattered light snow showers. there may be snow showers midday which will usher in cold air. 25-32 degrees tonight. variable clouds during the day. the winds will kick in. we will hit 42-47 midday. it will start turning colder tomorrow night. arctic air will come out. this storm is taking the southern route across the u.s. it will take this far southern track coming out toward
Jan 29, 2010 11:00pm EST
for climate change and global warming. he blasts the united states for climate change and called for a boycott of u.s. goods. last week, a take purported to be from bin laden endorsed the failed attempt to blow up an airliner on christmas day over detroit. >> president obama is using baltimore as an example. >> with the president needed a small business so he could talk about helping small business, the white house called the chesapeake machine co. of highlandtown, and that was only this past tuesday. >> we have never had a president here. >> it's nice to see a functioning, well oiled machine. that is a nice change of pace from what we see sometimes up in washington. >> they gave president obama a tour of the company that employs 39, including jerome green, who met the president face to face. >> out of nowhere, just for them to call up like they did tuesday morning and said the president is coming, it blew us away. >> the company has very well during the recession, with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced today, including tax breaks for new hires. a dozen peop
Jan 13, 2010 11:00pm EST
, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states. >> the u.s. has orders that would have deported 30,000 haitians. those orders have been suspended. >> this is a member of a charge of volunteering outside of port- au-prince. we sat down with the family. kerry cavanaugh has their story. >> she was nervous about her husband traveling to haiti because of political unrest. she never dreamed a national disaster -- a natural disaster would jeopardize his life. she is holding tight to more phone hoping her husband will respond to repeated text messages and let her know that he survived the earthquake in haiti. >> i would say we love you, and we are very proud. >> she last heard from scott on saturday when he left for a mission trip. >> they were getting ready to take off from haiti. he was telling me goodbye and he loved me. >> this shows the first trip to haiti last year. he returned this year to repair a church damage from a hurricane. the associate pastor knows how challenging the terrain there can be even under the best of circu
Jan 1, 2010 11:00pm EST
admission of an explosive device aboard an aircraft, there were 3500 flights airborne over the united states at the time and who could guarantee there wasn't another event about to happen on one of those flights as well about? >> the u.s. is trying to convince european nations to use more full body scanners. in order to pick up suspected bombers. britain's prime minister gordon brown has called for an international summit on terror in late january. to talk about preventing future terrorist attacks. >> the president says he'll meet with agency heads on tuesday to review security problems and how intelligence can be better shared. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> as we begin this new year, some new state laws take effect. the maryland health care commission is now required to have examiners approve physician rating systems, before insurance providers can use them. and also, residents who are covered under the maryland medical assistence program must also now get substance abuse benefits. and there's a new law that authorizes judges to review permit and licensing decisions made by th
Jan 15, 2010 11:00pm EST
a new name, slurpee. 7-eleven donated $5,000 to keep the unit running, so that is why one of the horses was renamed slurpee. butch, buster, barney, and bell e are names of some of the other horses. >> leaders took time to honor one of the state's blue ribbon schools. the flag was raised to this morning at eastern technical high school. it is the only school in the state to receive the prestigious award for the second time. schools and howard, frederick, worcester, and calvert counties have also been named blue ribbon schools. >> we are set to inform you that a former member of our wco family has passed away. francine worked as a reporter for us in the late 1990's. she was 43 years old. after leaving wbal, she became the very popular host of a ready shut -- radio show in louisville, ky. a public memorial service is scheduled for monday morning at 10:00 a.m. at southeast christian -- southey's christian church in louisville. >> this is the warmest day we have had in a month. you have to go back to the middle of december to find temperatures in the 50's like we had today. it disseminate th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7